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We have Merged!

In 2018 Joval Machine Company, Inc. and Lab Threads & Gear Works, Inc. merged into one company under the name Joval Machine Co.,Inc.

The History of Joval Machine Company, Inc.

JoVal’s 52-year history began when Pratt Whitney employees, Gerald Chase and Henry Siede, decided to form a partnership. They set up a machining shop in the Chase family garage and named their company JoVal, a fusion of their wives’ names: Joyce and Valerie. When the business began to thrive, the partners left their jobs behind. As full-time businessmen, they grew JoVal into a thriving company.

JoVal Machine Company formed several partnerships over the years, but today they’re a true family business. Gerald Chase is President. His son, Jeff Chase, is Vice President and some employees have been working at JoVal for over 20 years. The Chase’s believe employee loyalty, dedication, and skill are big factors in JoVal’s success.

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Lab Threads & Gear Works History

Lab Threads & Gear Works was originally founded in East Hartford CT in 1952. The company developed a track record of success by producing serrations, splines, specialty gears, and threads for New England manufacturing companies. By the 1960s the company added aerospace industries to their list of loyal customers. In the 1970s they began producing specialty products for marine industry clients.

JoVal Machine Company owners, Gerald and Jeff Chase, purchased the company in 1999 and relocated the operations to their current JoVal site in Yalesville CT. Lab Threads & Gear Works, now JoVal Machine, remains a trusted supplier to regional industries.

JoVal’s Custom Heat Shield Solutions

JoVal Machine Company produces custom heat shields for safety-conscious industries. We construct each shield to provide a reliable barrier between high-temperature heat sources and vulnerable components. For over 50 years, manufacturers have trusted our expertise when their end-products had to comply with critical safety, legal, and quality standards.

Our company focuses our manufacturing effort on products for aerospace PRIMES, first-tier suppliers, and other industries. We develop shields for Parts Manufacturer Approval certified companies that operate under strict FAA guidelines. JoVal Machine Company also produces heat shields for power generation, medical-testing, and other industries with high production standards. We have meticulous production criteria and comply with ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C Quality Management System requirements.

Customized Solutions

JoVal Machine Company offers a simple line of durable, effective heat shield solutions:

  • Foil Shields
  • Thermal Blankets
  • Heat Shields

Our heat shielding specialists work from your templates, drawings, or models and follow your specifications. We design and manufacture your shields using the most effective materials for the job.

We fabricate protective structures using stainless steel,  nickel alloy steel, and foil-gauge metals with encapsulated fiberglass, We create thermal blankets with high-performance quartz fabric and threads and fiberglass insulation interiors.

JoVal Machine Heat Shield

Lab Thread & Gear Works, Inc. Gear Cutting and Specialty Threading

Our gear production team is highly-skilled and versatile. We custom cut spur and helical gears, and splines for marine mechanisms, antique and Brass-Era car restoration projects, and for complex production operations that rely on precision parts.

The thread milling department customizes solutions to your specifications. We produce special form threads, spirals, trapezoidal screws, lead screws, matching nuts, and more. Located in the Hartford and New Haven CT area. Our miller custom-designs threaded parts with a precise face, diameter, and length to fit your manufacturing requirements. We have thread milling capacity for parts up to 6 inches in diameter and up to 144 inches long.

Lab Threads & Gear Works

Custom Gears and Threading Solutions Near Hartford and New Haven CT

We specialize in precision gear and threading production. Our specialty shop supplies custom solutions to the marine industry, antique car reproduction masters, and other manufacturing operations where mechanical precision is a priority.

Our design and production team works closely with your staff to customize gear and threading solutions to your specifications. We have the expertise and the versatility to meet your most stringent production requirements. We’re flexible and responsive to your needs and work quickly to meet your manufacturing deadlines.


JoVal Machine Gear Cutting

Customized Solutions

The Lab Threads & Gear Works team works hard to meet the accuracy and quality standards our clients demand. Every gear and thread we produce complies with the industry-wide inspection and testing standard MIL-I-45208. To meet these and other high-quality models, we rely on quality machining equipment, computer numerical control (CNC) technology, and a skilled and dedicated staff.


The Lab Threads & Gear Works gear department custom-designs gears to meet the needs of precision-critical manufacturing industries. We offer extensive hobbing capability. We cut spur gears and helical gears. We accommodate gears with diameters from .25 inches to 48 inches and lengths up to 68 inches.

Spline Cutting

Our shop produces custom-cut splines with diameters up to 9 inches. We work with parts of any length through machine holes of up to 15 inches.


Our thread miller produces threads to meet your need for spirals, trapezoidal screws, lead screws, matching nuts, and more. We manufacture screws with a variety of face, diameter, and length dimensions.

We developed our signature production expertise over 65 years of working with a single, consistent goal: meet our customers’ needs. That often means producing the custom solutions right here in Connecticut that you need but can’t find anyplace else. The Lab Threads & Gear Works team accomplishes this by relying on traditional skills and technology-facilitated production methods. For accurate results and fast turnaround time, we work with quality machining equipment and computer numerical control (CNC) technology.

By the early 1960s, the company expanded to include the aerospace industry on its list of customers. Under the management of Joseph Sculli and Ernest Leonard, Lab Threads and Gear Works further diversified into the marine industry.

By 1970, Lab Threads and Gear Works became well known in all areas as a leading manufacturer of splined parts, gears, special form threads and leadscrews.

Today we are named Joval Machine Co., Inc. and we are under the leadership of Jeff Chase, we have added CNC machining to further meet the needs of its customers in the future.

Let Joval Machine Co., Inc. be your go-to source for your threading and gearing needs. We are located in Yalesville CT which is right between Hartford, New Haven, New York, and Boston. Call us at 203-284-0082 to get started.

JoVal Machine Gear Cutting

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